Success in the City

Welcome to our agency’s new blog, Conversation. We hope to share — and spark continued conversation — about topics that matter to us as creative communicators and as residents of this region we call home.

I’ll inaugurate this blog with some big news about our agency: We’re moving our offices. In the process, we’re upgrading and customizing our environs to support our work deployed across four states.

But here’s the really big news of which I am most proud: PPO&S is staying — staying right in downtown Harrisburg in the heart of the city that has been our agency’s home base for the past 35 years.

To stay downtown or leave? The decision was easy, really. And I’m grateful for the convergence of circumstance and support that has made it possible. Staying in Harrisburg and remaining engaged with a city community bubbling rich in history, recreation and the arts, complemented by a constantly growing, diverse restaurant and entertainment sector seems like smart business.

It’s my expectation that our new digs will help fuel the expansion of our good work for clients and continue to situate us to “do good” as community collaborators.

To paraphrase John Lennon, you may say we’re dreamers, but we’re not the only ones. Despite all we hear about businesses fleeing for the ’burbs, more businesses are actually coming into the ’Burg. At the end of July 2013, the city had added 222 new business licenses in the past year; at the end of July 2014, 293; and at the end of July 2015, 342. That’s a 54% increase in two years.

Yes, there are certainly nuisances — the potholes, the parking. There are deep and difficult issues with which our civic leaders and elected officials will continue to wrestle. Yet I have to continue to believe that moving forward in any circumstance is not built by dwelling upon what doesn’t exist or can’t be done. Harrisburg moving forward will be built with small steps forward, inclusive engagement, continued investment and real hard work. It begins by being part of something. Not by sitting on the sidelines.

The banner hanging at our current offices on State Street says that we are Celebrating 35 Years of Success in the City. I’m proud to say our firm is part of this city’s history and is committed to being part of its future. To my way of thinking, it’s our job to lead by example, and to make sure we have some skin in the game.

What other examples of city success stories should we celebrate?

By Virginia Roth Chief Branding & Strategy Officer