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How to Be a Good Pro Bono Client

Promoting causes and organizations we care about, whose marketing needs are a good match for our talents, has given us some of our most rewarding agency experiences. Here are some ways that a pro bono client can make their project a win-win for everyone involved. Read Full Post

Is Television Dead? Well…

The other day, in the middle of a casual conversation, I was asked a question about television as it relates to media buying. “Is television dead?” My instant answer was an emphatic NO… but upon reflection… well, yes, kind of… the way it used to be, anyway. Read Full Post

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The Use of Humor in Advertising

Humor may not be as vital to our survival as oxygen, water or chocolate hazelnut spread but without at least a dab of it in our daily dealings, we sure do wither. When we laugh, we are signaling that we understand and that we feel understood. Read Full Post

Be In the “Prepared Minority”

It’s a given that all organizations will experience some sort of unfortunate event: a fire; an accident; an executive’s arrest; layoffs; a slip of the tongue. A crisis plan can help restore your organization's credibility and soften any fallout due to negative press. Read Full Post